We brings colors to you

remote color grading, from Montpellier to you

Principle of remote color grading

There is nothing better than working with your team in our studio, but we know that’s not always doable.
Our remote color grading process allows us to stream in high-quality 10 and 12 bit 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 HDR/SDR, even in dolby vision. This is doable wherever you are on earth.


We can stream the color grading to your location with a minimal amount of delay. All that is required on your end is our streaming player app (Mac, iOS or Windows).

If you have a calibrated monitor, we can configure your computer to output the stream to that monitor. If you’re unsure, we can also arrange to calibrate your display.

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Sending a high-quality signal to you is half the battle of remote grading. The monitoring conditions are really important.
We can send you a preconfigured Ipad Pro (sorry… you can’t keep it) so you can review our remote grading sessions.

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We can send our ‘remote grading kit’. This setup is a Pelican case that contains a reference monitor + a small computer. Plug it to a power source, connect it to your internet router, turn on the computer, and… Voila !
We are ready for your color grading session.

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The 3 cornerstones of Remote color grading

  • Easier to schedule : As long as everyone have a trustable screen, no need to regroup your all team in a single location.
  • Frontier free : everyone can connect from any location, even if you are in different countries & timezone.
  • Highend result : The same color grading done to commercial and movies, in a more flexible and smart way to fit your project and calendar.

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